Braccio di Ordoni

The Constabulary of Richezza Flusso


Established early in the Costa family’s rule of the city, the Braccio di Ordoni are the main police force of the city. They are not the smartest, bravest or certainly virtuous justicars a city could ask for but there are many of them. What they might lack in training is made up for in their numbers and intimidation.

The Braccio di Ordoni patrol the city in small groups. They can be distinguished by their half capes and odd mortarboard czapka hats. It is daily routine to hear the thin, tinny sound of their constable whistles from a few blocks away and guards rushing about in pursuit of some fleet foot ne’er-do-well. The typical Braccio carries a heavy wooden cudgel banded with bronze and a bola. However, personal weapons are allowed and it is not unseen for their captains to invest in the status symbol of a sword or well-crafted axe. Prince Costa is considered the head of the Braccio di Ordoni.

Braccio di Ordoni

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