Lord Putat Luce

Half-Orc, Lord of Torretta Sole, Torretta Sole


Lord Luce incurs as much praise from his people as unease. A half breed of mountain orc and human stock he is seen as something unclean, and the embodiment of Torretta Sole’s past weakness. His grandfather the prior Lord Luce made peace with the orc raiders of the mountains by reluctantly offering his daughter’s hand to one of the orc tribe’s fiercest warriors. The result was Putat Luce.

He was schooled in Torretta Sole during the summers but harsh mountain winters were spent encamped with the orc tribes where he was seen as little more than a runt. Eventually Luce left the orc trappings behind him all together and spent some time finding himself on merchant vessels.

Eventually he returned to Torretta Sole and served as regent as his grandfather was slowly lost to illness, obtaining the title of Lord from his grandfather’s deathbed. He has done much good for the city and has been able to stem back all out war with the neighboring orc tribes. He instituted the Lord’s Bazaar and Breezeway, which helped to recur many city debts.

Lord Putat Luce

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