Prince Marino's Personal Guards


Prince Marino employs a number of personal guards within Richezza Flusso. They are first and foremost guards of the Prince’s well being but often they spend their days rousing trouble on the west portion of the city. A constant nuisance to the Braccio di Ordoni it has not been uncommon for the two groups to engage in open combat in the streets. Such fights weigh heavily in Marino’s guard’s favor early but as the fights linger on more and more Ordoni arrive eventually overwhelming Marino’s Guards by sheer numbers. Such skirmishes tend to be short and rarely prove fatal.

Prince Marino’s guards can be distinguished by their colorful sashes, rapiers and the spiked vambrace worn on their off-hand. The guards tend to wear their hair in one braid plait and use arm rings to denote their rank and accomplishment.

The guards are always of eladrin, elf, half-elf or human races.


Prince Marino's Personal Guards

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