Richezza Flusso

Richezza Flusso is one of the most prosperous cities in the region. After the fall of the Damarran Empire Richezza Flusso was not completely destroyed by marauding invaders. The city, like the world, lost much in the fall of the empire and it has stepped forward in the power void as a great city-state and arguably the center of the region’s trade.

Richezza Flusso was originally built along its east river that heads south to the coast. A small circular lake was created inland from the sea and used as an inland docking station for goods. Later in the west an ambitious project was accomplished by Prince Marino Senior. A larger docking lake or luna as they are often called, was created and three small runoff streams cut into large, trading canals.Richezza flusso

The city is a mishmash of canals, overhead walkways and open air squares. Much of the ground level is covered in canals. Such design has forced much vertical expansion in the city. Many stores now offer covered walkways between buildings and rooftop access stores. If whatever you seek can not be found in the great city of Richezza Flusso some agree such an item simply cannot exist.

As the city expanded westward to greater opportunity the old coastal dock areas of the east have fallen into ruin. Now known by the name Boat Town, it is a cloister and ghetto for the financially destitute and a haven for the seedier dives of the city.

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Richezza Flusso

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