Torretta Sole

Nestled at the southern coastal tip of the Tarnth Mountains is the trading and fishing city-state of Torretta Sole. The natural features of the mountains helped spurn barbarian invaders in the final days of the Damarran Empire. Unfortunately the same feature has also impeded Torretta Sole’s burgeoning. Overland trade is an expensive and time-consuming endeavor. Likewise impeding growth is Richezza Flusso, the trade city offering a larger port with better distribution and a more central location for sea routes without the danger of reef and shallow waters that dot the area around Torretta Sole. The Lord of Torretta Sole is Lord Putat Luce.

Nonetheless, Torretta Sole has continued to flourish because of its monopoly on trade with the nearby island of Capreae. The port is the individual importer of fine Capreaen Content Not Found: Aplaga_ Lane (wool), a favorite and exotic material for upper class clothing. And a syrupy, fermented drink called Content Not Found: Cucho_ made from native plants. Content Not Found: Cucho is often mixed with tonic and fresh mint when drank.

Torretta Sole takes its name from the large, fortified lighthouse built just outside Torretta Sole’s harbor. The lighthouse illuminates safe passage through the shallows and is complete with a garrison to protect the harbor and city.

Points of Interest:

  • Torretta Sole Lighthouse, restricted access
  • Windswept Woe, tawdry tavern by the docks
  • Lord’s Bazaar and Breezeway, situated within the first ring of the city’s keep is a trading bazaar. Sales tax is collected by the Lord Putat Luce
  • Pero’s Blue Gauntlet, fighter’s guild and mercenary group headquartered in Torretta Sole. Mainly due overland caravan duty and mountain scouting to skirmish orcs etc.
  • Alberta’s, an apothecary and alchemical shop run by a squat middle-age dwarf woman with a scrunched face.

Torretta Sole

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