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Welcome to King’s X,

After the fall of the Damarran Empire the future had turned bleak. In its wake was a void of rule, a void of intellectual pursuits and steep plunge in the status quo of civilization as we know it. Emerging from the havoc are small city-states, reminders of peace and prosperity. Most were large cities that survived the fall of the Damarran Empire, no matter how feebly. In wake of the Empire’s collapse they began the arduous task of reforging safety and enterprise.

The world is slowly beginning to knit itself back together. City-states dot the world but the routes between them are still long and wildly dangerous. Stalwart adventurers find their bounties nestled in the bosom of deep, wild forests or hidden in the heart of destroyed holds, untouched by living hands for hundreds of years.

Things to know about the world of King’s X:

  • Monstrous humanoids are monsters.
    Gnolls, Dragonborn, Orcs, and Minotaurs are considered monsters at worst and barbaric at best. People of the world will view these creatures with fear and awe. Shifters may raise an eyebrow from a passerby but are otherwise normal. Genasi will outright frighten the common populace for fear they carry some awful arcanic disease. While the races are playable be assured there may be consequences to fraternizing with monsters and you will draw attention from the populace wherever you are. Unfortunately constructs are not a player race in the world of King’s X. Constructs being defined as Warforged, Shardmind, and Wilden.
  • Magic is not common.
    While it is not the stuff of legends, weavers of spells and their ilk are not common place. Consider the common person of the world has two to three degrees of separation from a spell caster; not commonplace.
  • The world is savage.
    While civilization retains echoes of its former dominance the world is not accommodating. Beasts and monsters must work hard to survive and they are hungry, their numbers surged over the past centuries with civilization’s withdrawal. Outside of cities and small towns you can generally expect humanoids you run across to be primitive; tribal societies in most cases. Much of the world is disassociated.
  • Horses are extinct.
    One of the major components leading to the fall of the Damarran Empire centuries ago was a crippling plague that exterminated the world’s horse population. The world is still recovering and adjusting from the loss of its major mode of transportation.

King's X

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